HEALTHY, certified organic, artisan coconut ice cream

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our roots

Hi my name is Arna, the creator of Frozen Bliss. Welcome to our artisan family ice cream business. I am lucky to have three beautiful and healthy young children, Grace and twins Willow and Clyde. This is how my dream was created, I was born with dairy allergies and later developed an allergy to gluten. Being a foodie, my love of food and eating out became very difficult and not so enjoyable with limited options available. My three children also have a very high gluten and dairy intolerance.

Our family is a strong believer in the saying “you are what you eat” but this shouldn’t mean sacrificing all those indulgent, feel good treats, especially for children!!

Ice cream is known for creating smiles, so why not eat ice cream that will also nourish and provide nutrients for your body? I haven’t found a single New Zealand company making a dairy free, refined sugar free and certified organic ice cream. So I thought this is the perfect opportunity for me to share my ice cream and my love for food and nutritional health. With the support of my loving husband Brad, Frozen Bliss was born!

After two years working on developing and perfecting my recipes, whilst looking after my three children, I finally created the perfect, delicious, indulgent treat that is guilt free! And it doesn’t taste like a healthy alternative, it’s the real deal! So you and your kids will LOVE it! Frozen Bliss ice cream is made with high quality certified organic ingredients, from suppliers with high ethical values.

Why would you load your body and your children’s body with nasty chemicals, artificial ingredients and refined sugar when you have this healthy option from Frozen Bliss that tastes amazing!


Our mission is to provide delicious, certified organic, healthy coconut ice cream to support inner health and wellness